Christine Clifford is a synonym for positive approach. Experienced professional with passion for helping people to achieve their dreams and turn them into reality.
I am very pleased to work for her and with her, feeling grace and excitement for years.

Jakub Dubec MD Brandthings Czech Republic

Working with Christine has changed my life!
Her in-depth and vast knowledge about the mind, soul and body are astonishing.
Her natural style and her fabulous personality are a very potent mix.
Mixed everything together, and applied aptly.
I have immensely benefited from Christine knowledge and attribute it to the amazing results I have been able to achieve.
I highly, highly recommend Christine.

Katrin Costa CEO CPB

Having spent 10 years and over $20K in formal studies – including psychology and advanced coaching programs – I’d hit a wall.
When I came to Christine, I was sceptical that she could possibly bring anything new to the table. I was wrong. Christine re
shaped my life in ways I could never have imagined. The best part is that she didn’t need to delve into much of my “stuff” to
unlock the magic.

Damian Zammit CEO IOT Australasia
Managing Director - The Space Cairns & the Emerging Entrepreneur programs

Christine Clifford has been my mentor since I was 16 years old, I’m now 25 years old. I don’t believe I wouldn’t be the self-empowered, self-aware woman I am today without her emotional guidance. She believed in me and supported me through life, teaching me about self responsibility and making empowered decisions, her work has transformed how I look at my life. After a session with Christine, I feel lighter in my being, inspired, regain a sense of self control through self awareness, I become kinder to myself, I find what serves me and what doesn’t and I generally I walk away feeling more in touch with who I am and therefore make better decisions about my life with ease.
Christine has shown me a path to my inner world, a place where emotions and thoughts drive us and knowing how to get back into the driving seat of my life is fundamental to the success in my life. I highly recommend her work. The impact affects all areas of your life.

Christine Clifford is my life saver. I’ve experienced unexplained angst in my mind and body for as long as I can remember. That niggling feeling that there’s something not quite right,  the inability to truly love and accept myself,  years of physical pain that has no corresponding physical cause for its severity. Christine helped me shift major chunks of my issues in just one sitting. Most of the emotional energy I had tied up in my feelings of something being wrong are now gone. The energy that’s been holding me back is now propelling me forward. I finally feel like I’ve grown up. I can’t thank you enough, Christine.

Leanda Kayess
Leanda Kayess
Author, Coach/Trainer/Consultant at Your Personal and Financial Health

Christine has had an enormously positive effect on my life, both personally and professionally.   Her approach is very calm and non-judgemental and this has enabled me to start opening the “closed doors” that reside inside me, slowly coming to recognise and love my Self without  judgement, both the good and the not so good.  Christine has enabled me to become more tolerant of my own shortcomings and of those around me and to recognise and accept my gifts.

Victoria Ciddor Designs
Proprietor at Victoria Ciddor Photography

Christine is the type of person who creates such a safe nurturing place during her sessions that you are not afraid to go to those areas of the self you would rather leave in the dark. Her non judgemental approach serves as a life-line, allowing one to have the courage to engage in the most important journey any of us can involve ourselves in, with the assurance that we can find our way back. Her work is unlike any other facilitator I have interacted with, it is fluid, dynamic, and yet peaceful.

JHR3 CEO Red Lion New York

Christine has given me the tools and insights to refocus my business and the confidence to identify and “go for” what I really want for my business and for myself.
This is very powerful and liberating stuff.  I now know that both the resistances and solutions are inside of me. Because of what I’ve learned from Christine, my services and products, indeed the way I do business, is more heartfelt and is more impacting. I have the vision, the confidence and the capacity to do what I want and what previously I only dared to dream of.

I cannot recommend Christine highly enough!

Gail Carroll
Gail Carroll

Christine has helped me get out of the fog and back on track. I had been watching others with less experience and knowledge move past me and my career seemed to be stalled. The support and encouragement along with the strategy we put in place has seen me achieve my move in business and I now have the role I have been wanting for some 10 years.

Alan C Darwin
Alan Crook Chief Engineer Fraser Air

Working with Christine is one of the best investments you will make. I have had instant results and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She helped me realise the value of what I do and enabled me to negotiate one of my main contracts, resulting in a $60k PA fee increase. You will be amazed at what you can achieve with Christine on your team.

Christine Ryan
Christine Ryan CEO Innovative Solutions Australia