Life is a journey. They say it’s not the destination.

Sounds good as I intellectualise the thought and think about it’s meaning however in a time where achievement & success seem like the only goal, how do you live it?  We are being asked to, no, expected to, wrangle family, career, relationships, finances and come up smelling like roses no matter how tired, overwhelmed or unfulfilled we feel.

Then one day it gets too much, something happens that makes us sit up and take notice. What’s REAL? What matters? We evaluate what’s working and what’s not. We feel the discomfort that comes, when, we have lost our way. This is the moment. The moment when your soul, your inner knowing, asks you, are you ready?

  • Ready to know what you want.
  • Ready to know who you are.
  • Ready to know what you are really capable of.

That inner drive for me to know was embedded in my DNA right from the start. It awoke as a child, got shut down and emerged again in my late 20’s after the loss of my daughter. Her loss created the impetus to search for meaning and a way forward through the pain. I am forever in her debt as she is the reason I am teaching and guiding others today.


When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Buddhist Proverb


This is very true in my case and has been true ever since. I am very grateful to have studied with the most amazing teachers here in Australia as well as internationally. My work is a blend of eastern philosophies & practices and rational brain based applications of behavioural neuroscience. It has evolved through the exploration of what matters to our hearts, our minds, and our spirit. I am doing what I was meant to do. I am in my sweet spot and this is my wish for you.

Your path is unique to you, however, there is a map that our journey follows …… a guide that alerts us to resistance, old beliefs, and behaviours that don’t serve us any more or qualities and strengths that need to be reawakened or developed. To thrive, we need to resolve our dilemmas and hard wire our evolving sense of self into our being. As this happens we understand more of what’s important to us and develop insights into our values and our goals.

Live your Life on Purpose

Professional History

of experience


Christine Clifford 2013 - Present

Christine Clifford – Professional Life and Business Coaching.

I started my coaching and mentoring career in 1996.

What inspires this work is my drive to know “why we do what we do” and to share that knowledge to positively enhance people’s lives. I believe we all deserve the chance to understand ourselves and therefore begin to understand others. This is real freedom. Sometimes it’s not an easy, juggling emotions, deliverables and of course, a healthy dose of confusion.

I don’t believe in judging, just drawing a line in the sand and mapping out a plan of where do we go from here. We are all doing the best we can with what we have available right now. There is nothing more satisfying for me, to know I have helped guide someone closer to living their potential.

Current Role

MD @ NorthQue Financial Services 2001-2013

People & performance management.
Development of business mission and values.
Rebranded the business to align with our values.
Recruiting and contracting of company and project staff.
Developing the leadership program.
Added a personal choice training budget for each of our team.
Advocate for organisational values in the community and liaison between stakeholders. Creating annual operational plans ensuring long-term financial viability and continuation of strategic direction.

NLP Australia 1996 - 2000

After completing my NLP Practitioner training with McClendon & Associates I went on to work with the CEO Terry McClendon to update the McClendon & Associates‘ business systems including the administration & marketing processes. Terry McClendon (a part of the group collaborating with Bandler and Grinder in Santa Cruz) bought NLP to Australia in the 70’s and I trained as an assistant facilitator. I initiated the rebranding of  McClendon & Associates to NLP Australia in 1998 and assisted in the transitioning of the course content to an RTO framework.

I began my private practice in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy in 1996 using NLP framework of solution focused outcomes.

Accreditations and Training

Business Coaching

  • Business
  • Financial Planning
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • NeuroPower- Executive Leadership
  • NeuroScience of Leadership

Personal Coaching

  • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT
  • NLP – TH – NP
  • Masterheart Senior Coach
  • Eriksonian Hypnosis
  • Enneagram & Chakra studies
  • Neurofeedback
  • Compassion Key – Circle Leader and Master Practitioner

Working with Christine is one of the best investments you will make. I have had instant results and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She helped me realise the value of what I do and enabled me to negotiate one of my main contracts, resulting in a $60k PA fee increase. You will be amazed at what you can achieve with Christine on your team.

Christine Ryan
Christine Ryan CEO Innovative Solutions Australia

Christine has had an enormously positive effect on my life, both personally and professionally.   Her approach is very calm and non-judgemental and this has enabled me to start opening the “closed doors” that reside inside me, slowly coming to recognise and love my Self without  judgement, both the good and the not so good.  Christine has enabled me to become more tolerant of my own shortcomings and of those around me and to recognise and accept my gifts.

Victoria Ciddor Designs
Proprietor at Victoria Ciddor Photography

Christine is the type of person who creates such a safe nurturing place during her sessions that you are not afraid to go to those areas of the self you would rather leave in the dark. Her non judgemental approach serves as a life-line, allowing one to have the courage to engage in the most important journey any of us can involve ourselves in, with the assurance that we can find our way back. Her work is unlike any other facilitator I have interacted with, it is fluid, dynamic, and yet peaceful.

JHR3 CEO Red Lion New York