Executive Mentoring and Business Coaching

Strategy, Science & Soul

In my opinion business success is always linked to these three key pillars.

Strategy includes goal setting, tactics and implementation.

Science is all about what your brain is doing at work and how to neuro- hack your biology to get into the best flow states for decision making, problem solving, insight and leadership.

Soul is your mission, your movement, your purpose for doing what you do and overcoming personal roadblocks that sabotage your performance.

Christine Clifford provides executive coaching & mentoring services to business owners, high potential leaders, professional athletes and coaches wanting to take it up a notch.  We deliver strategic solutions, business planning, leadership development, emotional intelligence & resiliency training to individuals and teams. It’s never been a better time to create the impact in your own life as well as your community.

You are a entrepreneur, coach, or business owner and you are resisting doing what you know you need to do. You’ve tried loads of things already and none of them have worked.

The negative self talk occupies way too much of your thinking and your wondering why is it this so hard? Your smart, your working hard and it’s not coming together. You know your business and you want to grow but something keeps getting in the way.

You need a confidant, a trusted adviser or you need a second opinion on your business strategy. Your looking for some no fuss guidance to get the job done quickly. You’re way too busy to take time out “to work on” the business but you know you need to.

“Pareto’s Principle”, is also called the 80/20 Rule.
This principle holds that twenty percent of your actions are responsible for eighty percent of your productive results.

The key in life, therefore, is to identify and then target that twenty percent, to assure that you obtain the greatest possible results.

This allows you the freedom to fulfill what inspires you most.’
Dr. John Demartini

It’s all up to you and sometimes that sucks. We are bombarded with expectations of success. In a world where the demands for faster & more, we are under using our greatest asset and pushing way too hard. Our brains slow down to do more. You know the feeling , the day that flows, everything just seems to go right.and you just nail it.

Get the alignment right and you’re unstoppable.

Most of the time however it’s stress city, no time, no way to get more done and you are tired of getting through the door at night exhausted. Our brains need connection, trust, time out to ponder and have room for insight. Don’t think it’s possible? Your brain is the most amazing piece of equipment on the planet and you can learn to drive it in a way that supports you.

I can help you become more agile, add additional perspectives and ideas so solutions become clear and adjust direction with your business strategy and empower you to make effective and profitable decisions.

More than likely I have been where you are and I understand the pressures and isolation of expectation & responsibility. It’s a tough gig, not often understood by those who have not been there.